Skin Tightening Treatment

Glow Medspa Brings You the Ultimate Minimally Invasive Skin Tightening Treatment!

Have you been thinking about undergoing facelift surgery? Why go through such an invasive, complicated procedure when you can have PDO threads instead? These provide a minimally invasive skin tightening treatment without the extensive recovery and pain of a traditional facelift.

There are multiple types of PDO threads to match the type of lift you are searching for. While the effects of PDO thread lifts are not as immediate and dramatic as a traditional facelift, you will see your wrinkles and fine lines reduce over time as your skin rejuvenates its collagen.

Whatever your overall needs are, PDO threads have you covered. Mono, Cog, and Screw threads are all available and are designed for specific purposes. The Mono thread is used to provide a small lift to an area, while Cog and Screw threads are for a more significant lift and enhanced collagen production.

Cog threads create a better lift than Mono, mostly due to their barbed texture. Once anchored to the face, they give a higher degree of lift while increasing natural collagen.

Screw threads are created by intertwining 1-2 threads, which then provide extra volume. These are going to provide more lift and volume than the Mono threads. If you are interested in skin tightening, Mono should work. When looking for more volume and lift, Cog and Screw threads will provide a better overall result.

Skin tightening treatment will provide you with firmer, younger looking skin. Our procedures are far less invasive than having surgery and will last for several months before any follow-ups are needed. Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with us, and we will set up the perfect treatment for you.

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